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Bulmers Bonanza


Bulmers Bonanza for Black Friday Week

We are slashing the price of all our Bulmers minces to celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday, but extending it for 7 whole days.

From Friday 17th November to Friday 24th November, these minces will have a massive 10% off making them just 81p for 454g (1lb). Grab a bargain whilst stocks last.

This fabulous ‘all British’ product is fantastic as part of a healthy diet for your dogs, with 14 flavours to choose from. These plain minces are perfect for DIY feeding just add your own vegetables & or supplements should you wish to.

To get your Bulmers Bonanza just add your choice of minces to your shopping cart and the coupon code below will automatically be added to your order.

Coupon code – “BFBulmers”

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August Newsletter

Welcome to our August newsletter and we have a few announcements to make…


Please note I will be away from 25th August to 5th September.

Emma & Alyson will be taking over for me so things should run like clockwork – fingers crossed, (please be gentle with them) Smiling Dog

However, your ‘order received’ email will have their contact details on it to text to arrange delivery/collection or for any queries, alternatively you can email and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some Pricing Updates…

Albion have increased their prices slightly, and although we sadly have to stay inline and increase ours a little we are still able to offer you this great product for less, so we will keep our ‘sale’ going for as long as possible.

Summer Special Giveaway (finishes 24th August)

As a little treat, we are giving away either 500g bag of lamb bones or a bag of chicken feet or a delicious doggy yoghurt with orders over £15 – nice surprise to see which ends up in your bag!

Finally a Reminder

Don’t forget, you can get 20% off your next order for every recommendation you send our way. As soon as we have received an order from them you will be sent a code to claim your 20% – just let us know when you recommend somebody.

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Special Offer OcktoberBest

Chicken Necks – Special Offer

Grab this great special offer whilst stocks last!

1kg of Chicken Necks for only £1 when you spend £15 or more. That’s half price!

Just add Chicken Necks to your basket and as long as you have spent £15 or more, enter the coupon code “OctoberBest” to get them for just £1

Chicken Necks

Chicken necks are a fabulous source of vitamins and minerals. Full of Omega 3 and essential fatty acids, packed with natural Chondroitin and Glucosamine. They are a great training treat for a larger breed or a fabulous meal for a smaller breed.

Full of meaty goodness and superb for teeth and gum health.

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Nutriment – Award Winning Natural Pet Food

Nutriment from The Dogs Choice

Hi everyone

Thank you all for your continued support, and we are pleased to let you all know that we are now stocking the award winning Nutriment range to add to our other great products. Nutriment actively champions the importance of including metabolism-friendly super-foods (coconut & salmon oil, kelp, kale, flax seeds, spirulina, bilberry powder & chicory roots) to create a range of better balanced feasts.

Nutriment is an award-winning, family-owned business whose raw pet food contains human-grade meat and vegetables, a dash of metabolism-friendly super foods and a stubborn refusal to ever consider any cheap fillers, third-rate meat offcuts or ‘artificial nasties’

Nutriment Raw Food

They do a fantastic range of ‘complete‘ meals and they come in 500g tubs and 1.4kg chubb rolls so great for all sizes of dog.

Also, we have in stock their specialist ranges for Senior Dogs, Puppies and Low Purine & Phosphate (for dogs with kidney or liver problems). All or these are available now.

To top it all off we will also be stocking the Nutriment raw CAT Food range for our feline friends who are just as deserving the best diet there is.

All of our other brands of meat and minces, juicy bones and natural treats are still available so have a good browse and see what takes your fancy

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The Dogs Choice Website Upgrade

Hi Everyone

We would like to apologise if anyone has experienced trouble accessing The Dogs Choice website in the last week; we are aware it has been slow and had a problem loading occasionally. This has been due to an increased amount of traffic from new customers and this has been mainly the result of our existing customers recommending us, which we would very much like to thank each one of you for. We very much appreciate your continued support and any future recommendations. Because of this, we have needed to upgrade our hosting package, so you should now find it much quicker to use.

The Dogs Choice Website

We have also changed the layout a little, which hopefully will make it more user friendly and much faster, as always we value your feedback.

With even more new products now added it is well worth having a good browse around the shop and don’t forget to check out our blog regularly for the monthly give-away – this month it is ‘April Foolery‘ so don’t miss out on your freebie.

Plus we will also soon be stocking a raw Cat food range for our feline friends so keep an eye open for that and feel free to pass the word!

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April Foolery

Best April Foolery

This is the best sort of April Foolery – it’s time for another monthly offer from The Dogs Choice. For the month of April, get a FREE 500g bag of Turkey Bones (mix of Carcass & Neck) for every order over £15

Add a bag of Turkey Bones to your order, then just add the coupon code “April Foolery” on the checkout page to get them for FREE.

Turkey Bones

These turkey bones are a meaty mix of turkey necks & turkey carcass. They are full of goodness and a great meaty treat even for sensitive dogs.
Bones contain Calcium and Phosphorus which are crucial for healthy teeth and bones and Turkey bones are very easy for dogs to digest. Turkey meat is one of the leanest and easy to digest proteins and is great favourite for adult dogs as well as pups.

This offer applies to orders for the whole April but only while stocks last, so grab it whilst you can as once its gone – its gone

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Special Offer – March Madness

Special Offer for March

As a special offer for March, we have a fantastic treat for your dogs; Grab yourself a bag of tasty chicken feet for FREE, your dog will LOVE them.

We are offering a free 500g bag for customers who spend £15 or more from today until the end of March, or when stocks run out.

Special offer - Chicken Feet

They come in frozen 500g bags ideal for training or just as a high reward treat because we love our dogs, very healthy and full of goodness, go on give them a try!

How to get your bag of FREE Chicken Feet

Simply add at least 1 bag of chicken feet to your order (make sure your order adds up to £15 or more) then in your shopping basket, apply the coupon code: “March-Madness” and your bag of chicken feet will automatically free.

If you’re not sure what to do or need a little help, just contact us on our contact page or message us on our Facebook page

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Price Increase

Sadly due to the increase in prices from our manufacturers we have had to put our prices up a little on our Albion range to coincide with this rise. We have however only passed on the exact increase so as you will see it is only by a few pence.

We will always try our best to stay as much under the RRP as possible so you get the best deal possible. We have been told that this is the only increase for the year but we will still endeavor to keep finding new quality suppliers to give you the best value for money raw dog food.

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The Truth about Kibble and Dried Dog Food

The Truth about Kibble

Watch this video below and see the truth about kibble and dried dog food and exactly why you should NOT feed your lovely pets this rubbish! If you ever wondered what they did to make it ‘appetising’ then take a good look.


All the moisture that is taken out of the dried food will be extracted from your dogs stomach when eaten making it swell again, they will drink huge amounts more because of this and excrete the majority of it out as it contains little to no goodness…and you pay good money for this?

Dried Dog Food

The machinery in this factory is obviously not cleaned properly, we would not accept this for ourselves so why accept it for our pets? Time to stop supporting this rip off and feed our dogs properly.

I am passionate about this because it’s so wrong, I would not feed this to my dog for any reason

If you have thought of feeding dried dog food to your pets or feed kibble because you thought it was the best thing, or even if you think it may be the best value, we would urge you to think again.

A raw food diet is more natural for your dog or cat and gives them enormous health benefits. Also, you will find that it can be much cheaper to feed raw than you think. A small to medium sized dog can be fed from as little as 40p per day – check out our raw dog food shop for a complete range of products and prices, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Recipe for Liver Cake

Liver cake is a great treat for your dog

Liver cake is so easy to make and you can vary it with Lamb Hearts or Kidney if you wish

Liver Cake

80z (226g) Liver or Heart

4 oz (113g) Flour or sweet potato (uncooked) if you don’t want any wheat

2 Eggs

2 Cloves Garlic (optional)

Put all ingredients in a blender, pour into lined cake tin (square one is easier to cut into chunks when cooked)

Pre-heat oven to 190C and cook for 30/40 mins – cake should feel firm to touch – allow to cool and cut into cubes – Freeze when cold – I freeze in small portion bags so I can just grab one to take on a walk.

Or you can take a few cubes out at a time for treats or training and they take approx 1hr to defrost.

Liver Cake Cubes

The dogs love it and my boy will perform every trick he knows without a single command when he smells it!!

Have a go and if you have any variations on the recipe – feel free to post them on our Facebook page

Happy baking