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Special Offer – March Madness

Special Offer for March

As a special offer for March, we have a fantastic treat for your dogs; Grab yourself a bag of tasty chicken feet for FREE, your dog will LOVE them.

We are offering a free 500g bag for customers who spend £15 or more from today until the end of March, or when stocks run out.

Special offer - Chicken Feet

They come in frozen 500g bags ideal for training or just as a high reward treat because we love our dogs, very healthy and full of goodness, go on give them a try!

How to get your bag of FREE Chicken Feet

Simply add at least 1 bag of chicken feet to your order (make sure your order adds up to £15 or more) then in your shopping basket, apply the coupon code: “March-Madness” and your bag of chicken feet will automatically free.

If you’re not sure what to do or need a little help, just contact us on our contact page or message us on our Facebook page

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Price Increase

Sadly due to the increase in prices from our manufacturers we have had to put our prices up a little on our Albion range to coincide with this rise. We have however only passed on the exact increase so as you will see it is only by a few pence.

We will always try our best to stay as much under the RRP as possible so you get the best deal possible. We have been told that this is the only increase for the year but we will still endeavor to keep finding new quality suppliers to give you the best value for money raw dog food.

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The Truth about Kibble and Dried Dog Food

The Truth about Kibble

Watch this video below and see the truth about kibble and dried dog food and exactly why you should NOT feed your lovely pets this rubbish! If you ever wondered what they did to make it ‘appetising’ then take a good look.


All the moisture that is taken out of the dried food will be extracted from your dogs stomach when eaten making it swell again, they will drink huge amounts more because of this and excrete the majority of it out as it contains little to no goodness…and you pay good money for this?

Dried Dog Food

The machinery in this factory is obviously not cleaned properly, we would not accept this for ourselves so why accept it for our pets? Time to stop supporting this rip off and feed our dogs properly.

I am passionate about this because it’s so wrong, I would not feed this to my dog for any reason

If you have thought of feeding dried dog food to your pets or feed kibble because you thought it was the best thing, or even if you think it may be the best value, we would urge you to think again.

A raw food diet is more natural for your dog or cat and gives them enormous health benefits. Also, you will find that it can be much cheaper to feed raw than you think. A small to medium sized dog can be fed from as little as 40p per day – check out our raw dog food shop for a complete range of products and prices, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Recipe for Liver Cake

Liver cake is a great treat for your dog

Liver cake is so easy to make and you can vary it with Lamb Hearts or Kidney if you wish

Liver Cake

80z (226g) Liver or Heart

4 oz (113g) Flour or sweet potato (uncooked) if you don’t want any wheat

2 Eggs

2 Cloves Garlic (optional)

Put all ingredients in a blender, pour into lined cake tin (square one is easier to cut into chunks when cooked)

Pre-heat oven to 190C and cook for 30/40 mins – cake should feel firm to touch – allow to cool and cut into cubes – Freeze when cold – I freeze in small portion bags so I can just grab one to take on a walk.

Or you can take a few cubes out at a time for treats or training and they take approx 1hr to defrost.

Liver Cake Cubes

The dogs love it and my boy will perform every trick he knows without a single command when he smells it!!

Have a go and if you have any variations on the recipe – feel free to post them on our Facebook page

Happy baking

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Adult Dog Feeding Guide

Adult Dog Feeding Guidelines

Weight of Dog in Kilograms Amount to feed at 2% of Adult weight in grams Amount to feed at 2.5% of Adult weight in grams Amount to feed at 3% of Adult weight in grams
10kg 200g 250g 300g
20kg 400g 500g 600g
30kg 600g 750g 900g
40kg 800g 1000g 1200g
50kg 1000g 1250g 1500g
60kg 1200g 1400g 1800g
70kg 1400g 1750g 2100g

Balance the diet with a good variety of meats, meaty bones, offal, organ meat and veg/fruit.

General guideline they should receive

70% Muscle meat and bone

30% offal, organ meat and veg/fruit

Eggs (whole and shell) as well as natural yoghurt are a great added supplement to their diet.

Introducing Raw Food to Your Dog

If you are changing from a dried food diet to raw I suggest start gently by choosing 1 protein – either tripe or chicken mince is a good starter – check their stools and if they look fine, introduce another protein – repeat this process every 1 or 2 weeks or so still checking stools, until he/she is receiving a balanced variety.
It is quite common for a dog to have loose stools on the changeover, this usually only lasts a short while and things begin to firm up in no time. You will notice that on raw your dog does not defecate as much as they did on dried/wet food, this is because most of the food is utilised and the waste product is less. Every bit of goodness is being processed and used by your dog – fantastic!

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Bones, Carcasses and Offal, get their Gums and Teeth round this lot!

Bones and Carcasses

We have a new stock of fabulous bones, carcasses and offal in with even more to come in the near future.

Outstanding quality – literally good enough for making stocks, stews at home  for your own use!

Why not try a pack of Lamb Necks for a really meaty meal – full of minerals and vitamins and the all important Carnitine amino acid ( generates energy from fatty acids),

Lamb Neck

or give them a Lamb Leg to gnaw on for healthy Teeth and Gums. Fantastic quality and fantastic prices

Lamb Leg Bones

There are plenty of others to choose from including Lamb ribs and  breast bones as well as marrow and beef bones pre cut in large or smaller pieces ready for you.

We all know that Offal is an important part of our dogs diet and these Lambs hearts are just the job, check in the online shop for the benefits as they are too numerous to mention. In a handy 3 heart pack they are easy to store without taking up huge amounts of freezer space.

Lamb Heart

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Pet Friendly Holiday

Pet Friendly Holiday Cottage

If you are looking for a pet friendly holiday cottage in a fantastic part of England, why not try the Royal Forest of Dean. Managed by Caroline from The Dogs Choice, this stunning 1840’s cottage is in a superb location with 100’s of walks through the forest. 3 double bedrooms (or 2 doubles + twin) sleeps 6.

The Royal Forest of Dean is one of the few surviving ancient forests left in the UK, a large area was reserved for royal hunting before 1066, and remained as the second largest crown forest in England, it is breath taking at any time of year. The cottage is just a few miles from the centre of the forest with walks less than 200m from the door.Wonderful old fashioned pubs and great food close by.

Nestled between the Cotswold and Monmouthshire, the cottage is in an area of outstanding natural beauty; just 6 miles from the famous picturesque Symonds Yat, a favourite with tourists; In the forest you will find stunning walks, beautiful lakes plus family trail cycling,  superb specifically designed off road mountain bike tracks, go ape, in fact too many things to mention so check out the website


We are offering The Dogs Choice customers £50 off any week booking or £25 off a long weekend, so grab yourself a relaxing break, your dogs will love this place. Secure garden, large dog crate available for your dogs (dog bedding not supplied) should you need one So much to see and do around the area for all ages.

If you are ‘Star Wars’ fans Puzzlewood just a few miles from the cottage is where a lot of the filming was done for the latest film. Check out the website for more details visit Cotswold Country Cottage

To apply for your discount, mention “The Dogs Choice” in the booking enquiry page on the ‘additional requirements’ section

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Complete Dog Food range – raw at its best

Venison or Rabbit complete dog food

New flavours in today at great prices, try out our new complete dog food ranges and give us some feedback. We are always happy to listen to our customers thoughts and ideas. Venison is lean, low in fat and full of vitamins and iron. Rabbit is rich in B1, B3, B5 and minerals copper and magnesium.

Raw food, the best diet for your dog

Our dog Ernie absolutely loves it and licks his bowl so clean it’s ridiculous!!

Complete Premium VenisonComplete Premium Rabbit

All of our products are sourced from stringent DEFRA approved manufacturers with over 20years experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on making sure that our sources are as passionate as we are – sourcing from approved abattoirs, using local farm meats wherever possible, enthusiastic in their recipe combinations and completely vigilant about there packing and freezing policies.

Please make sure you treat the raw frozen dog food correctly at home, keep it completely frozen until required, defrost in a sealed container in the fridge (takes approx 12hrs), wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat and wash down any kitchen or prep surfaces with a bacterial killing spray.



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Giving your pup the best start. Our youngest Raw food customer

Mummy cuddles are the best

Never too young to get the best start on Raw food

Our youngest customer – meet Cooper the most adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Off to the best start on a raw dog food diet with our complete puppy food. He is adorable

Our youngest customer

Could he be any more handsome, looking forward to my next cuddle

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Muddy Walk at Browndown, Gosport

Gosport, Browndown Flooded Again

Ernie out for a walk today in Gsoport at Browndown with his two friends Brac & Bailey. It’s a lovely day out there but a bit muddy!

Ernie & Gosport Friends
Ernie & his Gosport Friends

Apple Dumpling Bridge is flooded again – what a shock! Dogs loving it but you will need your wellies if you want to get through. The good thing with this is that after the muddy walk, they can get cleaned up a bit, just wading through the water – although Bailey tried to go round the sides! lol

Flooding at Browndown
Flooding at Browndown

Good job we keep these ‘Doggy Bag’s’ in the car, so by the time we get home, they are dry and mud free. They are quite expensive but worth it on days like this.

Warm after muddy Gosport walk
Warm after muddy Gosport walk