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Happy Easter 2019

It’s that time of year again and we at The Dogs Choice would like to wish you all a Very Happy Easter.

Happy Easter 2019

We would just like to let you know of our opening times over this bank holiday weekend:

Although it is bank holiday on Friday, we will be open for collections or local deliveries until our normal Friday time of 1pm. However, we will be closed over the weekend and on bank holiday Monday.

For our customers further afield, our last order day before the Easter weekend is Wednesday 17th April, before 1pm for delivery the next day. The next delivery date for orders in by 1pm Tuesday 23rd April will be delivered on Wednesday 24th April

Have fun over this bank holiday Easter weekend, it looks like it’s going to be a hot and sunny one! Remember we will be closed from Friday 19th April at 1pm until Tuesday 23rd April when we will be open normal hours.

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Happy Easter

We at The Dogs Choice would like to wish you a very Happy Easter, we hope you get all the chocolate you wish for – just don’t feed it to the dogs 🙂

Easter Eggs


We have been going for about a year now and we would like to thank all of our customers for your  valued support. As a thank you, we would like to offer everyone a FREE ‘spring’ lambs leg for any orders over £15 from now till the end of April. No need to put in a coupon code, just make the order and we’ll do the rest.

Have fun over this bank holiday Easter weekend, remember we will be closed from Friday 14th April from 1pm until Tuesday 18th April when we will be open normal hours.

Please also keep an eye on your emails and our posts, as we will be announcing some more special offers in the next few weeks.

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Raw Bones for Dogs

Raw Bones for Dogs

We all know feeding cooked bones is a BIG no no for dogs!

However, the idea of feeding Raw bones seems to be troublesome for a lot of people

Here are some of the benefits as to why we should feed raw bones to our dogs:
Bones are a great natural teeth cleaner, they exercises the jaw, gums and neck muscles. They are fantastic for mental stimulation and are full of nutrition value for your dogs. Most of all, dogs LOVE to gnaw on bones!

Raw Bones for Dogs
Raw Bones for Dogs

If you haven’t ever tried to feed a raw bone before, give it a go – The Dogs Choice are giving our customers a chance to try before you buy, just add ‘like to try a bone’ to the notes on your order and we will give you a free bone for your dog. What could be better?


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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year from The Dogs Choice – have a prosperous and fulfilling 2016

Happy New Year 2016

At this time of year we are all talking about getting more exercise and eating more healthily but what about our pets?

Why not start your dogs year on a fantastic, natural diet. What could be better than what your dog would choose for themselves? You will be amazed how much your dog will appreciate and respond to a natural raw food diet.

Great quality products & very competitive prices at The Dogs Choice

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Introducing Raw Food to Your Dog

If you are changing from a dried food diet to raw I suggest start gently by choosing 1 protein – either tripe or chicken mince is a good starter – check their stools and if they look ok, introduce another protein – repeat this process every 1 or 2 weeks or so still checking stools, until he/she is receiving a balanced variety.

Raw Food for Puppy

It is quite common for a dog to have loose stools on the changeover, this usually only lasts a short while and things begin to firm up in no time. You will notice that on raw your dog does not defecate as much as on commercial, this is due to most of the food is utilised and the waste product is less. Every bit of goodness is being processed and used by your dog – fantastic!

Puppies can be fed raw straight from weaning and can progress to fish/wings/carcass etc from 6 -8 weeks. Minces and minced carcass are similar to the regurgitated food they would get from their mothers in the wild. Build slowly onto chunkier meats and soft bone – meaty chicken ribs, necks or wings are good to build their jaw strength.

Puppies can be fed raw

For puppies – Chicken wings should have the wing tip cut off at the third joint, as, should the puppy be tempted to swallow it whole, the double joint of the wing is a major choking hazard for pups.

Puppies cut teeth between 4 & 6 months so, good meaty bones of a suitable size are fantastic for them to gnaw on.